The Face
The Face
The Face
The Face
The Face
The Face

The Face


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An abstract, hand drawn minimalist face.

If you would like your poster printed in a specific size, please give us the dimensions (in cm) in an email and we can provide you with a customised quote.

Please note: poster art is sold unframed.


Here's a quick overview of our two materials...

  • Removable, repositionable and reusable
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable non toxic, eco friendly polyester material
  • Has good coverage and can cover dark painted walls
  • The overlapping joins do not cast a shadow and are difficult to see. 
  • If removed carefully there is minimal or zero damage to your wall 
  • Can be used again and again
      • Should not be installed on any kind of stain resistant paint or it may peel off. (If your wallpaper does begin to peel, you can remove it by sticking it back onto its backing paper and then sand back your wall to provide extra grip and then reinstall it)
      • Remember to keep your backing paper if you ever relocate and want to take it with you.
      • Self adhesive products can be affected by hot walls and constant AC and therefore subjected to more peeling than paste to the wall materials
      • Has 1cm overlapping joins. Whilst these joins do not usually cast a shadow, the joins may be visible in some settings due to angles of lighting
      • Do not install directly near water or wet areas as this may compromise the longevity of the adhesive

        WHY WE LOVE IT!
        • Non toxic paper material
        • Great for very light designs with lots of white or light pastels
        • Smooth paper texture
        • Printed with 20mm overlaps for easy double seam cutting to create subtle butt joins. 
        • Has medium to light coverage so your wall should be as clean, bare and light as possible with no cracks to avoid imperfections showing through your wallpaper
        • Whilst butt joins are usually harder to see (depending on the design), they are never invisible. Ordering this material accepts terms that joins may be visible.
        • Do not install near water or wet areas
        • Removes with scraping or steam
        • Wall needs to be repainted once removed

        To read more about our materials please click here.

        If you are comfortable measuring your own walls, we have some helpful measuring tips here.

        When measuring please ensure you measure the widest and highest points of your wall ignoring all windows, doors, recesses and skirting boards.

        You only need to provide the exact measurements. You do not need to add buffer as we'll do that for you during the artwork stage.

        For full rooms, complicated walls with lots of obstructions or irregular shapes, our advice is to send us a photo on WhatsApp and we can assist.

        Peel & Stick Removable
        Please see our step by step guide here

        Traditional Pre Pasted
        Please watch this video.

        If you would like to customise this design or have a particular design in mind, please contact us and we will provide a customised design quote.

        If you would like to cancel your wallpaper and receive a refund you must do so before your artwork is created and sent to you for approval. Artworks usually take 1-3 days to be presented after you have made your purchase. If you cancel after your artwork has been presented (but before printing), we will happily refund your wallpaper less a 1 hour artwork fee (AUD85) and a 1.75% credit card fee that we are charged by our payment gateway provider, regardless of whether your sale is completed or refunded. We cannot not cancel your wallpaper once it has been printed.

        If you would like to change your measurements or completely change your wallpaper design before printing this is possible however, if your artwork has already been presented there will be a 1 hour artwork fee (AUD85) added to your order to redo each artwork. If you change the measurements or design before we have presented your artwork there is no design fee.

        Orders that are cancelled after printing has commenced are non refundable.

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        Colour Matching
        The wallpaper imagery and room settings on our site are for visual purposes only.  Computer monitors and mobile phone screens are not 100% accurate representations of your wallpaper's final colours. Furthermore, different materials absorb ink differently so ordering a sample on the material you wish to install your wallpaper on is a must. Stories For Walls does not accept any liability for colour or design discrepancies, for any wallpaper orders that were not initiated with a sample print.

        Sample Shelf Life
        Please note all our samples are printed upon request. We do not hold stock. Our printers and our materials can also change from time to time yielding different colour results and therefore our samples 'shelf life' are valid for one month only. If you have ordered a sample but do not proceed with your wallpaper within 1 month of purchase, we recommend ordering another sample (or callling us and quoting your sample job number) before you order your final wallpaper. We will advise if your sample is still correct according to our current printers/materials/batches. If not, we will happily reprint your sample free of charge.

        Wallpaper Whites Please note that industrial printers do not print white ink. Instead a subtractive process is used and any white in the design is left blank and relies on the colour of the material. i.e. if the background is white, then the material’s natural white colour is used. A wallpaper's natural white varies from one material to another.  If you have any queries regarding how white your preferred material is, we suggest ordering a sample before purchasing your full wallpaper. 

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