Samples and Colour Matching

The wallpaper imagery and room settings on our site are for visual purposes only. Products may vary from the images on screen. A digital preview is never realistic enough in terms of colour and contrast. Whatever is printed out can never be expected to be the same as that seen on a computer monitor. Even an enlarged version of the same image will also differ from the digital preview.  Our wallpapers are also printed on 3 different materials and each material produces a slightly different colour variation. 

As such we recommend ordering samples and the responsibility for this falls upon the client, who must request a sample print before proceeding with their full wallpaper. Stories for Walls does not accept any liability for colour discrepancies for any wallpaper orders that were not initiated with a sample print. 

Our samples are 30cm x 40cm per material. The cost for each sample is $15 each with free delivery. If you would like to order samples please contact us with the details of your preferred designs and material, and we will send you a link to purchase. 

NB: As a prerequisite for all projects initiated by interior designers, we require samples to be ordered and printed before the full wallpaper order can proceed.