How to Measure

Our products are made according to your specified measurements and customised to fit your space, so it is important we receive the correct measurements. However measuring doesn't have to be a stressful affair. There's only two meausrements we need. The width and height! If you follow these guidelines you can be confident you'll order enough material to cover your wall.


When we receive your measurements, we will automatically add an extra 10cm bleed/buffer onto each provided dimension. Our website calculator also automatically adds buffer into your final price. 
As a general rule, all walls are skew and not completely flat, so this buffer will accommodate any measuring inaccuracies or wall level imperfections to ensure your wallpaper is not cut too short.

Any measurements provided to Stories For Walls by the client either over email or via our online calculator, are solely the responsibility of the client and should be checked again against our quote or final invoice. 
Stories For Walls will not be held responsible for incorrect sizes and measurements incorrectly quoted or invoiced. It is the customer's responsibility to check their final invoice and artwork thoroughly.  In the event of incorrect measurements going to print, our team will do our best to help rectify the issue as cost efficiently as possible, but if any reprints or extra material is required, this will be at the expense of the customer.

Need help? 
If you are still having issues measuring your wall you are welcome to email us a photo and we are happy to offer some advice. 

If you are providing us with your own image, the quality and size of your image will determine how large we can print it.