Do you have a unique idea for a new wallpaper design?

Something that reflects your personality or your story?  Share your inspiration with us and we’ll let you know if it’s a design we can customise for you. We can also adjust one of our existing wallpaper designs, change colours or remove or add some new design elements. 

A customised wallpaper is a great way to add a personal touch to your space so whether it’s a favourite photo or design idea you’ve been pondering, just reach out to us with a short message below (or email here) and we’ll be in touch.

Our Design Fees

We have 2 tiers of design fees based on the complexity of your design request.  Depending on our current design schedule, we ask our customers to please allow approximately 1 - 2 weeks from purchase unless otherwise stated or agreed upon. The tiers are as follows:

Design Fee- If you are requesting to do some minor adjustments to a design that is already on our store, or if it’s a very simple new design request that will take only an hour, we have a Design Fee of AUD60. This fee includes one round of amends. Please contact us and we will review your request and send you a link to purchase our design fee.

Custom Designs - If there is a particular design that you would like us to create that will take more than an hour, we can provide a custom design quote. Custom designs includes one free printed sample. Most custom designs take a minimum of 4-5 hours (AUD250). Please contact us with the details of your custom design request and will we get back to you.

Our custom design terms: Unless a customer has submitted their own designs or photography for us to print,any custom designs created by Stories For Walls remain the intellectual property of Stories For Wallsand we reserve the right to sell those customised designs on our website. All custom designs must be printed by Stories For Walls. Any artworks commissioned by Stories For Walls cannot be printed elsewhere.

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