Wall Preparation

To help you prepare your wall correctly, we have provided a quick checklist to ensure your wall is ready for its new wallpaper:

  1. Remove any existing wallpapers or products that have been applied to your wall.

  2. Remove any fixtures, shelving, lighting, hooks, nails or other protruding objects.

  3. If your wall has been painted with hi gloss or enamel gloss paints and is either coated or sealed, this finish will need to be removed by sanding back your wall and repainting.

  4. Remove any dirt, dust or residue on your wall with warm water and detergent. Allow at least 24 hours for your wall to dry.

  5. If your wall has noticeable bumps, rough patches, loose or flaking paint, cracks or inconsistent surfaces you will need to lightly sand back your wall to remove them and then clean your wall to remove any dust residue.

  6. Ensure there are no light and dark patches on your wall as these colour variations may show through your finished wallpaper. If your wall has strong contrast between light and dark, we recommend to sand back and repaint.