Stories for Walls is based in Brisbane, Australia. We are an Australian business with an Australian Business Number - 777 91452 019. However, once upon a time, our business was based in Dubai and built a wonderful following of loyal United Arab Emirates customers with our previous art business 'Paper Pop'. 

Upon moving back to Australia, we set up Stories for Walls, but didn't want to forget our loyal customers back in the UAE, and as such, we still work with fabulous suppliers there. We get charged VAT by our local suppliers but as we are not based in the UAE and no longer a registered UAE business, we never charge the 5% VAT on our UAE orders. That's a win for our UAE customers!

If you are shopping from an Australian address you will be charged 10% GST on any products you buy from our Australian Store.

If you are shopping on our Australian store from anywhere else around the world, you will not be charged GST and we offer worldwide delivery.

Please note that the UAE store only ships to UAE addresses. We do not ship worldwide on our UAE region store.

Happy shopping from where ever you are. 

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